Download The Donkey Kong 64 Rom

Donkey Kong game precisely is similar to Mario game. There are two main characters in this game that are the donkey that has the role of creating the problems in the way of the hero and hero of the game is named as jump man who has to save his girlfriend named as Pauli by clearing all the obstacles. Donkey Kong 64 Rom is the version of the game named as Donkey Kong. Donkey Kong 64 rom has specialized features and brilliant animation.

How to Access This Game

This game is similar to donkey Kong and has gained a lot of popularity called as Mario. Mario is played by every game lover across the globe. Similar to Mario, Read here all the instructions carefully and start the game. Alike Mario, this game also has some significant barriers that have to cross the jump man and all these hurdles are placed by the donkey in front of the jump man. The main line of the game is jumping man has to protect his girlfriend and cross all the hurdles and in the last stage, he has o kill that monkey. Your all levels will be completed successfully.

At End, Donkey Will Die

Only if the donkey will die then only Mario will save his girlfriend. In this way, all your levels will complete. For that Mario has to be careful to rescue her beloved girlfriend and one by one complete level and reach to the border. Donkey will himself fall and the game will be completed.

If single Donkey Kong arcade rom dies the game will end, this game is actually very famous and gained a lot of popularity. People of all the age groups love to play this game as it provides all of us an opportunity to refresh our self and distress all our worries.

A Beginner’s Weight Training Program: From Walk to Jog in 12 Weeks

Every day gives you the opportunity to become the person you want to be. Every day comes equipped with potential that is your responsibility to grasp. I have good news for you:
Today is your day. Yesterday is what formed you, today is what transforms you.

Take a couple minutes and write down your personal fitness goals. Would you like to lose weight? Gain muscle? Increase your self esteem and feel better about yourself? One of the best ways to jump start anything is to do just that…jump. Get moving. In the following paragraphs we are going to cover basic fitness suggestions to get you started on your journey of losing weight, increasing stamina, and feeling better about yourself.

Where are you starting at? Are you overweight? Do you have a significant amount of weight to lose or only a little? Regardless, it is recommended that you consult a doctor before starting any new physical fitness routine. That being said, I want to take a moment to discuss self esteem with you.

Self esteem: It’s easier said than done, but LOVE yourself. You are about to start something challenging and exciting and you are doing it for YOU. You may not wake up this morning impressed with your reflection, but you are going to be one step, one DAY closer to being impressed with what is smiling back at you in the mirror. Your clothes might not fit you like you would like them too today, but they are going to tomorrow. Life is a process. Love yourself! I guarantee you that your friends think you are amazing regardless of how much weight you’ve gained or feel you need to lose. I guarantee you that you are just as capable of jumping, singing, laughing, loving and crying as you would be fifty pounds lighter. LOVE YOURSELF! You are an amazing person! And now you are about to take steps to FEEL BETTER PHYSICALLY. So love yourself through the entire process …enjoy the process. Life is too short to not take the time and enjoy the day to day.









If someone told you a month ago you’d be running down the street (for fun AND fitness) within the year, would you have believed them? Well, now is the time to surprise even yourself. Get a good pair of jogging shoes, an MP3 player, and get geared to get in shape!

If it has been a long time since the last time you hit the pavement for a jog, it’s not going to come easy. Start with a walk. You may want to start out full boar but I can almost guarantee you that the next morning getting out of bed is going to be challenging. Sore is good. So sore you can’t move isn’t. So start out with a good brisk walk before you start running marathons, OK? Overdoing it in the beginning is one of the top reasons people discontinue fitness routines. You are in this for LIFE. This is a lifestyle change, not a resolution. Here’s your routine: (You may replace the days of the week as desired.)


Monday: W(alk) for 30 minutes

Wednesday: W(alk) for 30 minutes

Friday: W(alk) for thirty minutes

*be sure to stretch well after every workout to minimize soreness and increase flexibility.


Monday: W(alk) 10 minutes, J(og) 3 min and W(alk)1 minute for 12 minutes, W(alk)10 minutes (total 32 minutes)

Wednesday: W10 minutes, J3 W1 for 12 minutes, W10 minutes

Friday: W10 minutes, J3 W1 for 12 minutes, W10 minutes


Monday: W10 minutes, J5 minutes W1 for 18 minutes, W5 minutes (total 33 minutes)

Wednesday: W10 minutes, J5 minutes W1 for 18 minutes, W5 minutes

Thursday: W10 minutes, J5 minutes W1 for 18 minutes, W5 minutes


Monday: W10 minutes, J10, W10 (total 30 minutes)

Wednesday: W10 minutes, J10, W10

Friday: W10 minutes, J10, W10


Monday: W10, J15, W10 (total 35 minutes)

Wednesday: W10, J15, W10

Friday: W10, J15, W10


Monday: W5, J30, W5 (total 40 minutes)

Wednesday: W5, J30, W5

Friday: W5, J30, W5