Download The Donkey Kong 64 Rom

Donkey Kong game precisely is similar to Mario game. There are two main characters in this game that are the donkey that has the role of creating the problems in the way of the hero and hero of the game is named as jump man who has to save his girlfriend named as Pauli by clearing all the obstacles. Donkey Kong 64 Rom is the version of the game named as Donkey Kong. Donkey Kong 64 rom has specialized features and brilliant animation.

How to Access This Game

This game is similar to donkey Kong and has gained a lot of popularity called as Mario. Mario is played by every game lover across the globe. Similar to Mario, Read here all the instructions carefully and start the game. Alike Mario, this game also has some significant barriers that have to cross the jump man and all these hurdles are placed by the donkey in front of the jump man. The main line of the game is jumping man has to protect his girlfriend and cross all the hurdles and in the last stage, he has o kill that monkey. Your all levels will be completed successfully.

At End, Donkey Will Die

Only if the donkey will die then only Mario will save his girlfriend. In this way, all your levels will complete. For that Mario has to be careful to rescue her beloved girlfriend and one by one complete level and reach to the border. Donkey will himself fall and the game will be completed.

If single Donkey Kong arcade rom dies the game will end, this game is actually very famous and gained a lot of popularity. People of all the age groups love to play this game as it provides all of us an opportunity to refresh our self and distress all our worries.